Transient Modelling & Surge Analysis With Synergi (Stoner) Pipeline Simulator (SPS)






This course is designed to enable participants learn how to build and run transient models with SPS, perform modelling of Drag Reducing Agents (DRA) and recommend quantity for specific operation.
Particular focus will be given to surge analysis with SPS and recommending surge mitigating requirements whenever the Maximum Allowable Surge Pressure (MASP) is exceeded per ASME B31.4. Sizing of Surge Relief Valves (SRV) and recommendation of installation locations will be covered as well.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Build and run transient models using SPS
  • Model Pumps efficiently and analyse their operations
  • Model controllers, actuators, relays, sensors and connection in SPS
  • Analyse DRA curves and perform DRA modelling
  • Perform surge analysis and recommend surge mitigating strategies


Course Content Summary

Some of the course topics are:

  • Understanding SPS Graphical User Interface
  • Information required for transient modelling.
  • Fluid properties and Equations of State (EoS) in SPS
  • Pipeline profile details
  • Understanding the use of codes and formulas in INTRAN to make for efficient modelling in SPS
  • Modelling pumps and control system
  • Tips and tricks in transient modelling
  • Model debottlenecking
  • Use of Model lab
  • Use of Simplot and Viewport to analyse results.
  • Modelling Drag Reducing Agents (DRA)
  • Modelling surge causing events e.g. valve closure, pump trip, jump over/pipeline isolation etc.
  • Surge analysis and mitigation options


Target Audience

  • Flow assurance engineers
  • Pipeline engineers
  • Process engineers
  • Simulation engineers
  • Previous SPS users that want to improve their skills


Course Period

  • Option 1: Weekends (4 Saturdays, 8am to 7pm)
  • Option 2: Weekdays (5 days – 8am to 5pm)


Course Level: Advanced


Price (Including VAT): N650,000


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Additional information

Course Period

Option 1: Weekends (4 Saturdays, 8am to 7pm), Option 2: Weekdays (5 days – 8am to 5pm)


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