Early Bird Registration:
10% discount applies when payment is received before the early bird registration deadline (24:00 hours Nigerian time, 28 days before course starting date)

NYSC Members & Undergraduate Discounts
Special discounts of 30% for NYSC members and 50% for undergraduate students apply on all standard, published fees. To take advantage of this discount you need to provide the following during registration:

NYSC Members:

  1. Upload copy of your NYSC identity card
  2. Any other document requested by the company


  1. Upload a copy of admission letter
  2. Any other document requested by the company

Note: Originals of the above documents must be sighted by the company representative on the first day of training before admission.

Group Course Registration:
You will receive 10% discount for each person you influence to attend a course with you and additional 10% for each extra person.
This means you will get a free course by influencing ten (10) persons to attend a course with you.

Multiple Course Registration:
20% discount will be received upon registration of two (2) courses within a year and a one-time payment is made for both while registering for the first course.
Note that this discount is exclusive of the early bird discount. So if you register for two courses that qualify for early bird discount, you will receive a total of 40% discount on total payment for the two courses.

Post-Training Referrals Benefit
The following benefits apply to ITEBS trainees that influence people to attend any of our course(s) within one year after he/she completes training.

  1. Free laptop and other gifts, at the company’s discretion, if ten (10) or more persons attend courses due to trainee’s influence.
  2. One or more of tablets, mobile phones, technological materials, educational materials, at company’s discretion, if less than ten(10) persons attended the course(s) due to trainee’s influence.

Company/Organization Group Enrollment:
The following discounts apply to companies and organizations:

  1. 20% discount applies if a company or organization enrolls five (5) persons for a particular course.
  2. 10% discount if a company or organization enrolls up to five (5) persons for courses within any consecutive, three (3) months period and payment is made at the same time.