With the increased rate of unemployment in most parts of the world, most people have resulted in being self-employed. However, being self-employed requires more than just patience to see your business grow from a small establishment to a large multi-million company or industry. Researchers say that growing your business from just a small establishment to a large-scale business is the most stressful task, more stressful than even trying to have a perfect relationship with your spouse or raising your children.

For those who have been struggling with growing their small businesses, there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel for you. Here is a list of the top proven techniques that will aid in growing your business.


    Building a sales funnel is generally the first step towards growing your business and one of the most important things a business owner needs to do, but sadly this is usually neglected by many small business owners.This term may sound odd to many new entrepreneurs. If you’re not familiar with this term, a sales funnel is simply a business’ plan for leading prospects from the “I don’t know you” stage to the “let’s do business” stage.

    This concept of a sales funnel works in a magical way and can be used to turn a merely known business or foundation into a multi-million dollar company overnight. Before creating a sales funnel, you need to carefully conceptualize it for it to be effective and it’s important to build an automated selling machine for your business to it grow fast.

    You may please contact us via email, for free support to enable you to create your sales funnel.


    Before getting into market, you must research on what your competitors offer to the consumers.

    There are two main recommended platforms that are efficient for research on market competition these are the similarweb and the Adbeat. They both offer you sufficient competitive intelligence. This research allows you to know the competitors online advertising strategies, helps you identify those ads which have been in use for a long-time and helps you emulate such strategies. If it has been proved and worked for other, it is definitely going to work for you too.


    A wide customer base plays a significant role in the growth of your business. One of the easiest ways to widen your customer base is through asking for referrals from the already existing customers.After every successful sale or job, you should go ahead and ask your satisfied client if he knows any other person who might have interest in the line of product or services that you offer. Sitting back and assuming that your customers are passing a word on the good services and products that you offer does not always work. It requires you to go the extra mile of actively seeking for referrals. 
    A webinar is simply a seminar that usually takes place online. This can take the form of a demonstration, presentation or just a simple discussion. Webinars are used as lead magnets for email marketing and choosing the right topic here can bring about a great number of new subscribers to your email list. They can also be used to increase credibility with the existing or current subscribers. These offer a great live or recorded business training medium. You should test a webinar to see whether it works well with your target audience.
    With the current world being a digital word, it also requires digital ways of growing your business. Social media marketing is one of the digital means of growing your small business.Presently, most consumers tend to use social media for consumer support rather than using the telephones. If customers do not find your business on social media platforms they tend to look out for your competitors who are readily available on the various platforms.
    You should identify where your customers are and how they like to be approached and this helps you decide on the social media channel that you should invest in.
    Content marketing has a great commercial impact on businesses. It refers to the process of creating as well as distributing relevant and valuable information to attract and retain customers or audience.Content marketing is a long-term-oriented business growth approach. Ensure that you have a great content for your content marketing that will guarantee you a good pay off now and, in the future, rather than wasting your time on irrelevant information that does not contain any pay off now and in the future.Other proven business growth techniques include email marketing, Facebook marketing, offering staff incentives and promoting a free consultation among others.These may seem hard to first-time entrepreneurs, but they are worth the effort compared to an 8 to 4 life-sucking job. Invest your effort and time in the above techniques to have your small business grow to that level you have always desired.

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    See you at the top!!

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