Specification & Design of Control Valves






Control valves and actuators are utilized in many processes, hence, the proper understanding, design and operation is crucial to industries. Proper selection of proper control valve involves a thorough knowledge of the process for which it will be used.
This course will enable participants to gain useful knowledge in the design and operating principles of control valves, actuators, positioners and related accessories. They will understand the sizing and selection methods for a broad variety of control valve.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of instrumentation and control engineering
  • Identify different types of control valves and their benefits
  • Select the proper valve characteristic for a given process.
  • Understand the operation of control valve in a control loop
  • Choose suitable styles of control valves for an application.
  • Identify factors influencing the selection of control valves
  • Perform sizing of control valves for different services


Course Content Summary

Some of the course topics are:

  • Introduction to Instrumentation & Control (I&C) Engineering
  • I&C Engineers’ Roles and Responsibilities & Interconnection with other Disciplines
  • Codes and Standards
  • Types of Valve
  • Types & Application Actuators
  • Valve Positioners
  • Fundamentals of Control Valves
  • Control Valve Design in P&ID
  • Control valve Characteristics
  • Sizing of Control Valve for Gas Service
  • Sizing of Control Valve for Liquid Service


Target Audience

  • Instrumentation and control engineers
  • Process engineers
  • Instrumentation field engineers


Course Period

  • Option 1: Evening on weekdays (Monday to Friday)
  • Option 2: Weekends (2 Saturdays, 8am to 4.30pm)
  • Option 3: Weekdays (2 days – 8am to 4.30pm)


Course Level: Advanced


Price (Including VAT): N100,000


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