Learn Programming  & Start Earning Income

Has it ever occured to you to that you can earn income from home just by coding and soving problems for people and businesses?

We will:

  • Take you by the hand in a 1:1 couching tutoring pattern.
  • Teach you how to code at your schedule.
  • Give the post-training guidance you need to be soundly established.
  • Set you up to start earning income with your new skill as an independent business owner.

Our Services

We focus on in demand skills based market needs and Google trends


Data Science & Machine Learning

In our today world of big data, companies and businesses are ever on the look out for experts that can make sense of their data to help them make better informed decisions. In this program, you will go from a beginner to expert and start earning income with your skills.



In this career path, we teach you various front -end web development packages you need to begin your journey of earning income. You go from mastering HTML, CSS, to various Javascript libraries e.g., React.


Python Programming

We teach you python programming from the ground up until you become an advanced programmer. We ensure that you work on projects that interests you and in line with your career.

Javascript Programming

Javascript is the programming language of the web. Many businesses are looking for experts to solve their web application challenges. Once you join, you will realize all the opportunities available to you.

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Our Value Proposition

What Sets Us Apart From Others?

There are many institutions offering similar courses offline and online. However, the following distinctive features have kept our customers glued to us.

Our focus on learning to earn consistent income.

Our practical approach to teaching.

Our ability to set you up on the path to success with your new skill.

Our promise to guide you and provide in-person post-training counselling to guarantee your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the classes personalized for every student, and what is the expected outcome?

Yes, we offer one -to-one personalized classes for every student. Since you lose what you don't use, our ultimate goat is for you to start applying your knowledge to solve business problems and earn income. So we don't expect you to go into the endless-world of learning as other platforms do.

Is the course curriculum generic?

No. The lesson plan is customized to suite each individual's experience and learning style.

Are the classes offered online or offline?

We have incorporated your comfort into our delivery pattern, hence all our classes are offered only online and at your own convenient time. You are required to book your classes to fit your schedule.

Am I required to have any previous experience in programming?

No. We take each of our students from the basics of their path of specialization to advanced. Hence, no previous experience is required.

How is the transition from learning to earning income achieved?

We ensure that we launch you into earning income by providing your first freelancing job, and providing guidance to ensure that you succeed.

Is there any money-back guarantee, just in case I am not satisfied?

Yes. We are very sure that you will love our program. But if, for any reason, you are not satisfied after three classes, we provide a no-question asked money-back guarantee for every single dollar we receive from you.

What is the duration of the program?

The duration varies for each professional path. It all depends on the availability of each student. Intermediate level program requires 40 hours training plus assignments and projects. Advanced level program requires additional 40 hours training plus assignment and projects. Ideally, for fully committed students who spend up to 10 hours per week, it is projected that you should be programming for income after one month.

How much will the program cost me?

It depends on the track you are taking. But generally, you can spend as low as CAD $15 per hour. This is a no-brainer for a high-quality one-to-one coaching set up. You are paying for a high quality education for a fraction of what others charge.


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